Hudson Insurance Group will consider these exposures on an individual risk basis, or through a qualified Program Administrator. Our focus is on low to medium hazard exposures, with short to medium tail. Preferred classes include hospitality risks and multi-location quick service restaurants. Most programs are on a non-admitted basis but admitted programs can be considered on a limited regional basis. Property values are usually under $2,000,000 per location, and typical GL limits are $1,000,000/$2,000,000/$2,000,000.

The following exposures will be considered through a qualified Program Administrator:

  • Monoline Liquor Liability program with supporting General Liability insurance
  • Railroad Protective Liability insurance to the insured railroad (RR) for contractors who are working within 50 feet of RR’s Right of Way
  • Oil and gas risks such as drilling contractors, engineers, petroleum consultants, well operators and other exposures involved in the exploration, production and servicing of energy accounts
  • General Liability and Excess Liability coverage is available for commercial and residential general contractors, remodeling contractors and artisan and specialty contractors located in New York State, including the five boroughs of New York City
  • Package coverage for national fast food chains with locations in all 50 states.