Hudson’s Risk Management team is comprised of experienced healthcare risk managers and loss control specialists. We create a partnership with our clients while providing insights and recommendations that are intended to improve the safety and insurability of their businesses.

The goal of Hudson Medical Professional Liability’s Risk Management services is to create a partnership based on the principles of client-driven services, strong educational programs and quick access to our expertise.

Our team is comprised of specialists in the areas of healthcare as well as professional and general liability risk management.

Targeted Businesses

We provide risk management services to a wide array of healthcare groups and professionals, including:

  • Hospitals, from Critical Access Hospitals to Large Academic Centers
  • Hospital Facilities, including Anti-Aging Clinics, Medical Spas, Weight Loss Clinics, Surgery Centers, Urgent Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Labs
  • Physician Office Practices, from Single Practitioners to Multi-Specialty Group Practices
  • Ambulatory / Outpatient Clinics and Services
  • Healthcare Systems, including University-Affiliated, Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Health Systems

Client-Driven Services

Our risk management services will be provided at the request of, and in partnership with, our insured. Hudson Healthcare has expert personnel in the areas of healthcare professional and general liability risk management who provide professional resources that assist and augment your internal programs.

Together with our insured, Hudson Medical Professional Liaibility will determine the types and quantity of services which are achievable within the policy year. Our service offerings include:

Risk identification is the first step in the process of managing risks. Using our staff expertise in hospitals, physician group practices and ancillary facilities, we will, at the direction of our client, provide self-assessment tools which the facility or group can complete and forward to us for analysis. This will enable us to identify areas of concern and make recommendations where Risk Management consultations and educational intervention can be most effective. This approach has the added benefit of educating staff regarding standards of care while expediting development of practical solutions to identified concerns. It is recommended that this collaborative process be undertaken early on in the partnership, so that programs can be developed and implemented during the same policy year.

Our Risk Management professionals provide hands-on, on-site consultations. We know that our service will be more effective by seeing processes first-hand and discussing issues with those involved with risk management and patient care face-to-face.

Our Risk Management team remains readily available to address your risk management concerns by phone or electronically as they come up. Every account is assigned a dedicated Risk Manager who is familiar with their client and can assist in solving the day-to-day liability issues that might arise. We are available when you need us.

Educational Programs

Our educational programs include:

This means that our program faculty is a peer to the audience. For example, if a group of physicians request education in a particular clinical area, all efforts are made to have a practicing physician with risk management expertise be the key faculty member. The same philosophy exists for all organizational and professional levels of the client. We also utilize local defense counsel, with knowledge of local venues and community standards, to address legal concerns. The Risk Management staff members at Hudson Healthcare are all experienced healthcare risk managers, with broad backgrounds in law, nursing, public health, hospital administration or finance.

They work with you to develop educational programs based on needs identified by the client and through risk identification processes. Presentations are given, on your schedule, to licensed practitioners, clinical support staff as well as non-clinical staff in all areas important to risk management and patient safety.

If the client wishes to have an on-site educational program for their internal risk management personnel or other professional staff, a personalized curriculum can be developed. We can customize the training and educational activities to address specific topics identified by the client.

We can also provide access to a variety of on-line continuing medical education courses offering Category 1 CME credits. These address many areas of risk management principles in the health care setting. The topics range from documentation and office-based liability to specialty-specific and clinical issues.

Access to current risk management publications and resources can be critical to maintaining professional skills, particularly for busy hospital risk managers and medical group practice administrators. Together we can identify and provide appropriate resources to augment your internal programs and to educate your professional team. Examples include enrollment in ECRI, a non-profit organization for information on best practices in healthcare, and subscriptions to specialty-specific claims and liability newsletters.

All of our programs are designed to provide clients with the opportunity to augment their internal programs. None of these programs are mandatory, nor is there a need for them to be implemented in any specific order. Such services are provided free of charge as a part of our commitment to reducing losses by increasing patient safety.

Risk management services for transportation, municipalities and healthcare are also available via our third-party administrator, Napa River Insurance Services, Inc. Find out more