You want to keep your cargo safe, and Hudson can help you do just that. We have introduced an Inland Marine product for the commercial transportation industry that covers legal liability for loss to covered property your clients transport, whether they are a common or contract motor carrier, freight forwarder or broker.

Product Highlights:

  • Broad definition of “Carrier,” especially helpful for carriers wearing many hats
  • Broad definition of “Covered Contract” helps ensure we protect your legal liability under multiple agreements
  • No exclusions for loading or unloading
  • No exclusions for gratuitous shipments for your support of relief efforts or charitable organizations
  • Extended coverage (72 hrs.) following arrival at intended destination
  • Flexible exposure base (gross receipts, miles or power units)
  • Flexible reporting (monthly, quarterly or annually) or flat
  • Broad pairs, sets and loss to parts coverage
  • Flexibility for primary or contingent coverage
  • Time sensitive theft info
  • Assistance with new contracts, commodities and routes

Capacity (though higher limits can be requested):

  • Contract Penalty Coverage: $10,000
  • Debris Removal: $25,000
  • Earned/Uncollected Freight: $10,000
  • Expediting Expense: $10,000
  • Fire Department Service & Extinguishing Agents: $25,000
  • Fraud & Deceit: $25,000
  • Loss of Fuel: $2,500*
  • Newly Acquired Terminals: $50,000 for 60 days
  • On & Off Board Electronics: $10,000*
  • Pollution Cleanup: $25,000
  • Reward Coverage: $10,000
  • Transporting Equipment & Supplies: $10,000*

*Coverages not available in California for admitted policies.